We offer the sacrament of baptism as a mark of God's love.  We believe that God's love is not conditional on our
ability to understand all that it means, so we baptize people of all ages:  infants, children, young people, and
adults.  We welcome questions and inquiries about baptism and what it means to be baptized into the life of
United Church of Canada / L'Église Unie du Canada.

For infant baptisms, it is important that parents understand the meaning of baptism in the way it is practiced and
celebrated in the United Church.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet with the minister to learn about
baptism as we understand it and practice it.  Our minister will be happy to address your questions and inquiries.

Consult the
Baptism Info Sheet or contact us for further information.  When preparing for a baptism, please fill
out the
Baptism Form and bring it with you to your meeting with the minister.
Special Ceremonies

St. Lambert United Church is a beautiful place for you to begin a committed life together in marriage, even if you
have never attended this church.  We are happy to meet with you to assist in planning and putting in place your
wedding service.

We offer wedding services to couples who have never been married; couples where one or both have been
divorced; couples of different churches and religious traditions; same sex couples.

The church lends itself impressively for wedding services with its neo-gothic architecture and many beautiful
stained glass windows.  Its lawns and gardens offer an attractive setting for wedding pictures.

For more information consult the
Wedding Information Sheet or Politiques de mariage or contact the church

Please contact the church office for information regarding funerals and memorial services.  Consult the Funeral
Fee Schedule
for additional information.
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