During worship service, all children present join their families for the first part of the service and then may leave to meet
for Sunday School classes.
Youth Group

The youth group, young people ages 9-18, meets on an irregular basis.  They connect with each
other, with an emphasis on Christian values, through global awareness, community service and fun
activities.  They lead the Christmas Family Service, working with the Sunday School children, have
movie nights and workshops and a number of them attend the Quebec Sherbrooke Presbytery Camp
and United Church sponsored Youth Forums.

An important outreach activity of the youth group is their fundraising activity to raise funds to
sponsor a child through World Vision.  This is a long-standing commitment of our youth.
Sunday School

After “Circle Time” the children leave the sanctuary for Sunday School where they are led in
Christian study, using the on-line Whole People of God curriculum.  For these classes, the children
are grouped by age and led by dedicated volunteer teachers.  Children who are visiting, including
guests of Baptism families, are always invited to join in these classes.

At certain times of the year the children remain in the Sanctuary to participate in special services: for
example, Easter, Remembrance Day and the Christmas Family Service.
St. Lambert United Church
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Intergenerational Events

The youth group and children, ably assisted by their parents and friends, come together to run
events that bring together the whole congregation.  These have included a Valentine luncheon,
spring and fall BBQs, a spaghetti supper fundraiser for Syrian refugees, as well as the ever popular
“Kids’ Kafé”.  The latter enables the children and youth to connect to the older members of the
congregation by serving them refreshments after a church worship service.  These events are
enjoyed by young and old alike!Children at this stage of faith development are often just beginning
to explore what Christianity means to them personally. This group focuses on a Bible reading each
week, followed by discussions and either a craft or a word game.
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