Organizational Units
Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees holds the church buildings and property in trust on behalf of the United Church of Canada.  Its prime responsibility is to ensure that the church property (buildings and contents)
are appropriately insured.  The Board also oversees the financial investments of St. Lambert United Church through a “Sub-Committee for Investments”, a joint committee with the church’s Finance
Committee.  The Trustees also manage the church’s Bursary Fund, overseeing its investments and disbursements, the latter made on the recommendation of the Christian Development Committee.
Christian Development

The Christian Development Committee is made up of a cross-section of Sunday school teachers and members of the congregation.  The Committee oversees the work of the Christian Development
Administrative Coordinator as well as programs of study for groups for all ages.  Sunday school lessons are based on the Whole People of God curriculum and the United Church calendar; workshops
and discussion groups for adults are organized, as required, to pursue topics of special interest—for example, Bible study focused on the Psalms, the theology of Bishop John Spong or an examination
of First Nations issues, past and present, and our ongoing relationship with the First Nations communities.

This team is responsible for ensuring effective communication both within the church and with the wider community.  It produces the monthly Church Alive newsletter, manages the church’s web site,
places advertising on behalf of the church and ensures the visibility of the church within the community through outdoor signage.  Team members also work with the other organizational units and groups
to promote their activities using various media.

The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the congregation and the work of the church’s treasurer.  This includes the development and oversight of the annual budget, management of the day-
to-day financial operations, including all deposits and disbursements, and the preparation of monthly and annual financial statements.  Committee members are also responsible for issuing charitable
donation receipts and serve jointly with several Trustees on the “Sub-Committee for Investments”.

Representatives of the various committees, teams and groups within the church work under this umbrella organization to co-ordinate special events.  The team is responsible for making sure there are
no scheduling conflicts between the activities of the different committees, including fundraisers and outreach events.  As much as possible, it tries to co-ordinate with neighbouring churches when
scheduling community events.  In addition, the team seeks new ways to raise funds for the church.
Ministry & Personnel

This Committee is responsible for the oversight of church staff.   Duties include:  to oversee and support the relationships among staff members, and between staff and members of the congregation; to
review remuneration and work conditions of staff and make annual recommendations to Council; to manage the recruitment and hiring process for non-ministry personnel; to conduct annual
performance reviews and goal-setting sessions with staff.  The committee also ensures that position descriptions are revised as required.
Outreach & Social

Outreach’s mandate is to help individuals, families, and organizations in the immediate and wider community in need of food and personal and household items.  Such items are collected and delivered
throughout the year in collaboration with the Ecumenical Community Services.   The Committee is involved in fundraising and volunteering for specific projects such as Christmas food and gift baskets,
the Old Brewery Mission, Dans La Rue and the Haiti Dominique Literacy Centre.   It has also worked with its ecumenical partners to sponsor Syrian refugee families.  Looking beyond the needs of the
local area, it also promotes the United Church Mission and Service Fund which supports community projects in Canada and abroad.
Pastoral Visitation

The members of the Pastoral Visitation Team assist the minister in visiting church members and their families at home, in hospital or in long-term care facilities, as the need arises.  They also try to foster
close connections among church members by encouraging others to keep in touch with those who are shut-in.  Their work is confidential.

The Property Committee’s prime responsibility is to manage the upkeep of, and upgrades and major repairs to, the church property (buildings and grounds).  Small jobs, such as repairing a leak after a
rain storm, are handled by the Committee members themselves; contractors are hired for larger projects such as replacing the roof shingles.  The Committee is responsible for the job description of the
church’s caretaker and oversees his work.  Each year, two Property work-days are held, one in the spring and one in the fall, during which members of the congregation help Property Committee
members do extra clean-up and seasonal chores.
Worship & Fellowship

The Worship and Fellowship Committee assists the minister in the organization of worship services and fellowship activities.  In addition to the regular Sunday services, their responsibilities include the
following:  serving the Sacraments; the church’s music program, including care of its musical instruments; the reception of new members and their integration into the congregation; maintaining the
historical roll of church members; and the management of the Sanctuary and its contents, including its rental.  It also has oversight of the Memorial, Flower and Benevolent Funds of the church.
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