Other Groups
Green Team

The Green Team was created to encourage all organizations within the church to “think green.”  The team supports the church’s long-standing recycling programs for various materials such as used
batteries and “blue box” items.  As well, they have installed an outdoor composting bin and have introduced electronic bulletins and announcements to reduce paper use.   In addition, the Team
continues to recommend the implementation, whenever possible, of other “green” ideas, such as the purchase of recycled paper, energy efficient light bulbs and biodegradable plates and bowls for
events.  This team is a sub-committee of the church's Property Committee.

SLUM (Men's Group)

The St. Lambert United Men’s Group brings together men of the congregation for fellowship and to undertake various projects and tasks for the benefit of the church.  It is especially famous for its Easter
breakfasts and “foodie” fundraisers.  SLUM usually meets the first Sunday of each month, except during the summer.  New members are always welcome; the men of the church who wish to join are
invited to come out the next time the group is called together.

SOS (Sisters of Spirit)

This is a group of women who get together to support each other, organize social events and run fundraising activities at church.  S.O.S. supports and works with a women’s shelter on the South Shore
and, in the past, has worked with the Widows of Makete in Tanzania, Western Africa.  Going forward, they plan to focus on local activities, working with the Montreal City Mission and with the McGill
School of Nursing.  New ideas for helping and working with others are always welcome.

U.C.W. (United Church Women)

The U.C.W. was created by the United Church of Canada to unite the women of a congregation in an organization through which they could express loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ and the mission
of the church through study, fellowship and service.  Fellowship and friendship are important elements of the U.C.W.  The members form units that usually meet once a month, for activities designed to
suit their particular interests; these could be anything from listening to a presentation on the work of a local charity to a pot-luck supper to making pies to sell at the May Antiques, Arts and Crafts sale, a
church-wide fundraiser in which the U.C.W. is heavily involved.  It also supports the church’s fall book sale, and hosts two special fundraisers of its own—an afternoon tea just before Christmas and
another in the spring.  Both these events are much enjoyed by the St. Lambert community.
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